The future in the tradition

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The pleasure of innovatives wooden tennis rackets with graphene and carbon fiber.
Rackets with the soul, that makes you play well and preserves your health


We're creating a whole product line for the game of golf. Kastelaar ship golf in a new dimension to ecology and solid performance.

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Water Sports

Boar-D magnetic binding and boards for watersports

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With Boar-D Kastelaar brings water sports to a higher level of security and freedom.


Kastelaar Vento

» For information Kastelaar: Kastelaar: bikes with unique amenities that combine tradition and innovation in aesthetic class.
The pleasure of cycling Kastelaar with the wind in your hair.

You're free, you're Kastelaar

Kastelaar and born thinking about the nature . Its objective to create products for sport, leisure and movement, in which attention to the tradition, environment, innovation and design, performance, combine into a single object For summer Kastelaar now able to offer a wide collection of environmentally friendly, high-performance sports equipment for tennis, golf, cicling.

Quality & Tradition

Our products are handcrafted in Vicenza at 0 km, but they are designed through CAD programs parametric finite elements. A mix of natural products such as wood, technology and highly sophisticated materials and cutting edge, which allow us to produce quality product, with minimal vibration, allowing high performance and protection for your health.

Health & performance

Thanks to the minimum vibration of the structure, the Kastelaar products stand to be accurate, sensitive, a little tiring and to transmit less vibration to your body. Less vibration means less microtrauma, not tendinitis, less muscle damage, less pain in the back ... They are ideal for those who want to improve "feeling" their strokes and for those who want more to safeguard their physical, for those who are had already physical problems in the past.


The Kastelaar are new generation wood products, born to play and move around as much as possible while respecting the nature, but no technical compromises and performances, indeed! Many innovations applied both to improve performance, accuracy, comfort, durability.


Kastelaar is a world leader in the production of environmentally friendly sports products: has the most wide range of products of this type, for winter and summer sports. The wood for Kastelaar is a clear choice for both benefits both to pollute as little as possible. We manufacture our products in Vicenza Km Zero and we use wood from forests planted programmed FSC.
The wood is combined with sophisticated and advanced materials that allow us to create high-performance sports equipment and safe, safeguarding your health.

Handmade to last

Our products are designed to last as long as possible and do not follow the consumistic logic. It ruins less than the others and is also easy to get them in shape. Products which are not thrown, but rather collect and which are able to offer the same performance for a high number of fatigue cycles more than any other similar product on the market.
That is the winning philosophy of Kastelaar, for nature and for all of us.