All Kastelaar skis and other products that are bought new are warranted for two years against defects in materials and workmanship which applies to the original owner of the skis. Although we try to make our skis and our products the most durable possible, the warranty does not cover damage caused by normal use, damage caused by negligence, improper use of the product or its use in extreme conditions likely to wear or fatigue overtime of the same. The same is true for its preservation in the periods of inactivity that must take place in suitable places.

The guarantee applies if you bought directly or through a dealer (in this case is a receipt).

If you have a warranty claim, please send us an email to info@kastelaar.com. If deemed valid, we will authorize the shipment at our facility that will be at your expense. Once you got your skis, we will evaluate whether: replace it at no cost with a model of the same type or better, fix it for free, send you a discount coupon for the purchase of another model. The ski reshipment will always be done at the customer's expense.


How to proceed

Phase one Shipping email 

In the e-mail you must indicate:

Proof of purchase (for example, copy of the receipt, e-mail from the deposit) if purchased through a reseller.

Date of purchase.

Model and length of the ski or of the product purchased

Product photos that clearly shows the area of ​​interest in which there is damage.

Brief explanation of what happened.

Once the information above were subjected to Kastelaar and Kastelaar deems proceeding will be notified and positive event will proceed to sending the product.

We will do our best to resolve your complaint through digital photos. However, you have to understand that sometimes we need to inspect the product for yourself before you can decide whether the warranty claim is valid.

If we ask you to send us your skis please complete Step Two.


Step Two Sending Kastelaar

The customer is responsible for returning the product and get a car number. Kastelaar not be responsible for lost shipments or otherwise.

Ship the product packed in:

(To conctact above in order to verify the correct shipping address) 

Step Three - Resolution

If the guarantee is approved, your skis will be replaced with a pair identical in length and model at no cost or to equal these characteristics, depending on availability, with a line of the same or higher level (at our option) idem for other products..

E 'can update your skis and your items have facilitated if you will want to upgrade to a newer one.

If on the contrary your skis or your product can not be covered under warranty or the same has expired, the damage can be repaired, but at your cost for the amount that we will show through quote ..


If you think you have chosen the wrong ski model or its length or a product, you can decide to return them to replace it with another.

You have to do it this way:

Step One - Contact Kastelaar

send an e-mail stating why you want to return it.

Kastelaar will answer about whether it will be approved and the return on skis or you can send the wrong product.

Step Two -  ship

The products must be all new, just so they can be accepted for return.

Also perforated skiing, but almost new, used according to the exact requirements are eligible for refund.

Refunds will always be done at your expense and at your own risk.

Send your skis or product packaged and packed in:

(To conctact above in order to verify the correct shipping address) 

Step Three - Resolution

Upon receipt of the skis or product, we will contact to replace the product with the desired one, and the laundry skiing, with another (in this case with a small surcharge).