Kastelaar wants to create a lifestyle that combines tradition, innovation and ecology in sporting goods, sports, leisure and fashion through its products designed to offer emotions and performances.

This is the source of inspiration for all that Kastelaar designs and creates.

Kastelaar was founded by people who have passion for skiing, the mountain free time, taste good and have in them the desire to challenge.

All of which now they find themselves perfectly embodied in Kastelaar products, even in the summer collection. We want to go beyond the present from tradition.

This vision translates into a broader mission that focuses on research and development of products with the aim to be the most efficient, beautiful and cutting edge of the planet.

WHAT DOES Kastelaar

Kastelaar is the family name of the grandfather of one of the two founders: Angelo Carli Kastelar. Grandfather often complained that having had three daughters the Kastelar probably would have died. The nephew Alberto, remembering that he thought of using it for the name of the company and give new life to Kastelar and we added an A, the initial of his name and because it sounded better: -) ...


Kastelaar was established in 2005 as a challenge that until then seemed impossible to achieve. Started as a joke by Alberto Brazzale was also followed later by his childhood Giuseppe Rumor (now no longer in company): to create the solid wood skis next-generation, cutting edge, they had performances at least equal to the best skiing the world and they were the most environmentally friendly on the market.

Ski designed for true fans of skiing, mountain lovers, sensitive to the tradition, to nature, but also to innovations.

There is an interesting background in 1993: that date is a first visionary prototype of wooden snowboards and carbon built by Alberto. While 1936 is the construction of ski by the grandfather Angelo Carli Kastelaar. Alberto has always been keen to create objects in any field and with different materials. Alberto has also a doctorate in business administration at the university Ca 'Foscari in Venice


No, they are designed and manufactured in Vicenza, in the Veneto (Italy)

We also made a shield as a reminder guarantee of quality, commitment, professionalism, creativity.

This brand, which we did realize metal, enamel large fire and made plating palladium, noble and expensive metal such as gold, (the memory of the most famous Vicenza, the famous architect Andrea Palladio) want to remember our origins:

the coat of arms of the city of Vicenza (the white cross on a red background) surmounted by the Italian flag in the center, mirrored (a symbol of the two souls that make up the spirit Kastelaar, tradition and innovation) the K Kastelaar.

WHERE IS Kastelaar?

Kastelaar is located in Vicenza, in the Veneto, Vicenza at the foot of the Alps in an area that has always loved, researches and develops high-tech and high quality products for sport, leisure, jewelery, watchmaking, leather and more generally for the fashion.

This land also boasts a long tradition in skiing, mountaineering, the passion for the mountains. It was a Vicenza, Francesco Caldogno, after the middle of 1500, who was the first, with his “Relazione dell'Alpi Vicentine”, he described the mountain beyond the pure resources to be exploited, or as a "place of enrichment for the spirit." in Vicenza was born, therefore, the concept of mountaineering: that is the go to the mountains for the sheer fun of getting there.

An area so that it is always linked to the mountains and skiing: in addition to being a land of champions, here was born one of the most important innovations in terms of safety, ski, ski stopper ... here are companies produce sticks and attacks, clothing, helmets, caps and recently the first airbag backpack to use ski ... and then, just a few kilometers away, there is the world center of ski boots and hiking shoes and sports.


Kastelaar creates and manufactures solid wood skis most technologically advanced in the world, but also other innovative and environmentally friendly products from other sports: tennis rackets, golf clubs, bicycles and more. The choice of wood is not only a way to relive the excitement of skiing or other products of the past, but to unite all the recognized quality of the wood materials and aerospace technologies that allow today to finally create wooden objects and other ecological materials with superior performance, durable and less polluting.


Kastelaar is the first and only company in the world to have introduced the solid wood in the construction of a modern skiing, while achieving the most environmentally friendly ski collection in the world, today consists of 16 models and develops an infinite number of possible solutions measures, staging, performances, in almost infinite variations and in addition to the total custom solution.

Has introduced a new addition to the first marketing concept in skiing and sports in general that binds to this consumer product, the concept of the value of life in the time with the slogan "the Kastelaar skis do not change, they collect"

The combination of wood with materials and aerospace technology and the study of more innovative forms of skiing pioneer and allows us to be able to boast of a collection of fantastic skiing for aesthetics, forefront performances and respect for nature.


Yes. Kastelaar is the only company in the world to have married the tradition of solid wood and in one piece with the technologies and the most advanced materials ... We are the pioneers of this technology solution that since 2005 we have continuously developed over this years. This solution has undoubted advantages in terms of reduction of vibrations (resulting qualtà of the ski and of its performance), durability of the mechanical characteristics of the ski (in excess of each material and the bottom of little carbon but only over 45 million cycles fatigue, or by far greater than the duration of a ski), with respect to the environment. Read more >>

Many ski manufacturers claim to use the wood in the ski as well as other composite materials such as carbon fiber and glass. In fact some people use wood only as superficial decoration of the thickness of one millimeter. Others use it as a filler inside and damping function. but these skis are composed of laminates of already dried fibers which are then hot bonded at 120 ° degrees and with a very short time. This means changing the physical structure of the wood which occurs already at 80 degrees. Our bonding process occurs with cold techniques or in any case at temperatures below 60 degrees and in wet on wet. This means creating an adhesive polymer structure is not two-dimensional as in all the skis on the market, but in three dimensions, very complex and ramified. This creates a true monolithic structure of unsurpassable mechanical characteristics.


Because today thanks to recent new adhesives and new wood coatings combined with these very interesting features and assumes that project it into the future. A wooden structure, as designed, have technical and physical characteristics unimaginable just a few years ago. 


All products are made in Vicenza zero km. Ditto all the other products that complement Kastelaar ski binding, bags, glasses, golf clubs, wooden jewelry ... all made in the territory, and here too we maintain our headquarters.


The choice of looking at tradition and design and manufacture in Vicenza all Kastelaar products or doing anyway great attention to the environment is our pride than the industry of skiing, sport and leisure in general. This focus is leading us towards a vision of the world that is taking shape in a true lifestyle. This way of thinking has meant that our research capacity and design are infinitely increased, and lead us to explore new fields of interest that lead to the emergence of exciting new ideas and new products.

Our passion means that the Kastelaar there is great enthusiasm and not see forward to sharing with you new stories and future innovations that will see us protagonists.


Kastelaar working in partnership with like-minded companies and brands that share a genuine enthusiasm for skiing, the traditions, the culture linked to the mountain, ecology, exploration, good taste, the innovative fashion and the environment.

We warmly invite you to consider our mission in the interests of any partnership, and not to hesitate to propose interesting projects that can lead to fruitful collaborations between us.


Kastelaar is a unique company in the sports world and is able to arouse interest and wonder in any individual, not necessarily passionate about skiing or mountain for many reasons: for as she was born, how it developed, for a number of aspects that bind to the tradition and at the same time looking to the future and extreme innovations, for a whole range of new innovative technological solutions that will lead to a new ecological superior products already existing and very polluting.

By virtue of this, we try to keep the media informed about everything that Kastelaar ago: we believe it is useful, interesting and able to arouse curiosity.

Our marketing department can easily help you find the most suitable material to prepare your articles or special printing requirements, such as the supply of products for photo shoots in order to introduce you to the many ideas that are making so interesting and unique the story of Kastelaar. You have available all the material of our stock photos and video footage to be used freely for the preparation of video services, up to the guided visits to the Ski-museum Kastelaar and more.

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The "Family Kastelaar" project represents our program that rewards all of our loyal customers.

At the beginning of our adventure, the design and construction of a solid wooden skis in one piece was found to be not easy, and some of our customers have had to have infinite patience.

Despite this small frustration, many of these early happy to ski holders have demonstrated over the years a great bond with Kastelaar so we thought this to reward their attention towards us offering them certain advantages:

- The ability to have all the other Kastelaar products and every new skiing at a subsidized price.

- Participate in Kastelaar events and be informed of the news preview Kastelaar and book them at subsidized prices

- Be able to have an exclusive ski and other products in a limited and exclusive

If you also have ordered at least one pair of skis Kastelaar by 2015 or have already racked up three pairs of skis Kastelaar you're part of the Kastelaar Family law and you are entitled to such benefits. If you have purchased a ski after that date you are entitled forever to buy Kastelaar products at a subsidized price.


Around the world he has many admirers Kastelaar if not real hardcore fans. Some have our brand on their Facebook profile and follow us almost every day in our facebook page. They use our skis normal people ski passionate, instructors, mountain guides and athletes also they do it because they believe in the goodness of our products.

We wish it were that in other areas and that Kastelaar was chosen for its real value, but here is primarily a discourse of money and entry barriers, and sometimes these are truly insurmountable. We are sure that several athletes if they could get a chance to use them in the race it would benefit. However, some athletes are sponsored by us in the wolrd freeride tour circuit and other sports fields.


Kastelaar is a trusted brand recognized by skiers fans around the world. We sell in two ways: directly and through shops.

Our country and our products are sold directly prior contact:

- In the online store of our site

- Telephone: You can send us a message through WhatsApp or we will be happy about that please send E-mail your phone number and reasons and will call you back about.

- E-mail: send us an email to our address your (preferably also enter a phone number) specifying the request and you will be called back within three days.

Then we sell through stores. If you want you can also order them in the best shops scattered on the five continents who will be able to order skis on your behalf.

Contact your local store and ask to place your order to us as per your requests on your behalf, we will ship it on and skis at the store that has requested it. If the store is not available to this solution or you need help selecting or buying a ski, you can send us an email indicating a possibly your telephone number. We will follow directly in the purchase, we are confident that together we will find skiing or product that best suits your needs.


In addition to the direct sale on the store, we are creating a sales network in the territory. If you are a retail store interested in becoming a dealer Kastelaar please contact us.


Kastelaar for its graphics has thought about the early days of skiing, as it did not matter how many runs do, but about how you were doing. Then they were worth skiing especially for the substance, and not because of the eye-catching graphics. If we talk about this the aesthetic of our skis to let him go on wood, probably the best graphics possible.


It is a limited edition skis and special, are all numbered, with technical solutions, graphics and special colors.


They are skiing and other fully customized and tailored products that are produced on request and for a significantly higher price than

to those standards.

If you are interested please contact us.