Secure payment


To future owners of Kastelaar products

Thanking you for your interest, 

We show the conditions and the method of payment for our products, hoping to understand our choice and that there may be useful. 

Following frauds suffered by credit card through the PayPal system, a company that at first reassured us and over the successful completion of the payment, only to end up not safe more, as it was right he was, especially after delivering the same documented evidence of delivery of the product to those who had requested it (which proved a crook), the only method of payment that we are taking right now is to pay by bank transfer, unless new, future solutions that will evaluate if if we believe the safest and safeguarding our jobs. 

We can understand that this may be for you to disorder, it is also for us, but we chose this payment system because it safer for everyone: for you because you know for sure who gets your money, and for us, who are not subject after delivery of the product for a fee, which would seem correct, but in reality it is only fictional, because then they can claim back even more than a month since it was paid and the product, meanwhile, it has been received (and not returned). With this rethink, we lost both the product (a pair of skis top of the range with ski binding), that the money that rightfully belonged there from the sale. 

If so before the wire transfer was an alternative to payment by Paypal, which we used for several years with satisfaction, now the wire transfer, which was previously used mainly in the case of discounts on the product or the other, is the only sure way we can offer at this time, unfortunately we can not afford to suffer further scams, nor believe is right, do not we deserve it. 

Payments for the right product can also be made in several parts, until the total balance which must occur within the time of delivery. 

For products not in stock, prompted a 30% deposit as order confirmation. Contact us first again by e-mail or a message via whatapps, also because there could be discounts for some products. 

They are however also possible payments in a different form, if agreed in advance, even in this case contact us about: for example, if the product you ordered is delivered in person, you can payment on delivery. 

Sure to get your understanding send our best regards.