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In solid wood, combined whith carbon and graphene, inserted in a timely manner in order to better manage torsion and flex through the use of CAD parametric finite elements. 

The (DinamicSpoon) of the tip allows crazy surfi ng. It has a floating capacity that will strike you as the speed it is able to generate thanks to the N.A.C.A.: more lift as soon as the tip tends to go down, minimum friction and therefore very fast in normal conditions. Snowboard without vibrations at high speeds, stable, sensitive and precise, technical but easy. Elements that translate into a very high range of use. 

It demonstrates harmonic in every phase of the curve, without dead spots, allowing great fl uidity of the action. 

Soft toe structure that progressively stiffens both longitudinally and laterally and structured tail that supports and at the same time accompanies the curve. 

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