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Nordico: light and performances

Renato Molinaro has created Nordic 505RM a fantastic Classic skiing extraligth and ultra-fast that arises a world leader in ski classic.
A painstaking process, completely by hand which together with the best technology,
Skiing” by connoisseurs. 

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A great skiing, light, balanced, fast, powerful, a little tiring.
Made scientifically for the best performance.

Cedarwood with the least amount of carbon and kevlar.
Cold bonding with proprietary epoxy resins for obtaining the maximum smoothness and vibration reduction. An enviable power to weight ratio that translates into a great impulse thanks to the high torsional stiffness that can transform into cats and make you gain meters of meters with the same effort.
So exaggerated as to be almost pornographic.

Nordic 505RM Must
Luxury version with metal and carbon fi ber trim. Excellent technical quality and sleek design, simple, modern, in 17 colors.

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