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Exceptional Lupo Bianco 179 in back country, among the best on the market, so as to have hit every tester: incredibly smooth thanks to the excellent edge grip, precise & progressive. The 190 is appreciated for great stability & no vibrations. Great skiing, easy, excellent technical content.

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Each ski Kastelaar is available in different solutions aesthetic and of performances.


exposed wood, excellent performance, surface treatment with epoxy and an invisible layer of glass fiber for a greater protection against shocks and subsequent hands hand dates brush with a special paint ski.


the Kastelaar ski old, the wood pure, for those seeking the pleasure and not the performance at all costs. The ski area is raw and exclusively treated with waterproof colored waxes and oils. Over time skiing takes on a antique flavor. A ski that pays for natural and aesthetic sensations and will age you and that requires initially above all your care and your love constantly.

Carbon: aggressive and modern appearance date from the tip of carbon and better comfort
by making greater use of kevlar. This model, on request, you can have no part in carbon aesthetic, but always with the specifications put forth


Skiing Kastelaar designed to deliver maximum performance and sensations, especially at high speeds. A racing. Greater torsional stiffness, possible (depending on the model) longitudinal stiffness, further improved stability, the almost total absence of vibrations. Model suitable for people with physical and weight than the average.

Sport Carbon

the performance of a Kastelaar Sport combined with aggressive modern aesthetics and comfort features of the carbon structure.


particularly light version proposed for freeride skiing. Solution for skialp and want lighter. Although still robust it instead of the standard appears to be structurally lower and not suitable for particularly demanding or dangerous descents. Are used for the purpose of wood varies essence and assembled with the same techniques used to build the wooden boats.

Extreme Superlight

lightened structure of the ski and at the same time strengthened by greater use of carbon and Kevlar. The structure is approaching to the standard of that wood, but not for the number of cycles of fatigue over time. Are used for the purpose of wood varies essence and assembled with the same techniques used to build the wooden boats.


customized aesthetics skis with inserts specially created steel and / or wood pieces of various colors. A unique ski, designed with you. Your skis.

Each version, both aesthetic and performance, can be ordered in Ash wood or Hickory. The Superligth versions instead are made with various wood type.

Ash wood

Each version, both aesthetic and performance, can then be sorted Ash or Hickory wood. The Superligth versions instead are made with various wood type: Ash and Kiri wood or Hickory and Kiri wood.
The ash wood allows the creation of high quality ski, stable and performantles, from minimal vibrations that give safety even at high speeds.

Hickory wood

The Hickory wood is probably the wood which is optimal for the construction of a ski being very stable, elastic and at the same time allows still better performances than the ash wood for precision and sensitivity. It is no coincidence that in the golden age of skiing, when used in ski racing in wood, all the national athletes were using skis in Hickory Zeno Colo, Senoner, Celina Seghi, Jean Claude Killy, Lacroix...

Kiri wood

The Japanese Kiri Wood is a very light wood, very stable and impermeable that has a good balance between its lightness and the mechanical qualities.

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